Analysis of offshore wind power and submarine cable industry
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On December 12, 2015, nearly 200 contracting parties signed the Paris Agreement at the Paris Climate Conference. All countries reached consensus on using clean energy to replace traditional energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This also means that wind power, as a means of green power generation, will be more and more widely used and will be an important path to promote energy transformation in the future. In terms of replacing coal for power generation, the emission reduction effect of offshore wind power is more significant. China's 1GW offshore wind power project can save 467000 tons of standard coal consumption and 124 tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually. According to the estimation of the World Bank Group, the global offshore wind power technology development potential is 71TW, and the offshore wind energy reserve resources have reached more than ten times the global power demand. In recent years, the installed capacity of global offshore wind power has continued to grow. According to GWEC data, the new installed capacity of global offshore wind power in 2021 will be 21.1GW, creating a historical record. The total installed capacity of global offshore wind power will reach 57.2GW. It can be predicted that in the context of carbon neutrality, offshore wind power will become one of the main lines of low-carbon development in the future.

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