Analysis and design of cable production line control system
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The cable production process we adopted is: to ensure that the plastic temperature in the barrel of the extruder is constant, the equipment is cooled by water and air at the same time. Start the production line when the extrusion temperature, luster and speed of the die are appropriate. Under the linkage control state, the running speed of the pay off machine, the extrusion machine, the tractor and the take-up machine can be automatically adjusted according to the production process requirements and production experience to achieve the purpose of appropriate tension and stable production. After passing through the head of the extruder, the bare copper wall and iron wall wires are molded and sealed with uniform plastic. After measuring the diameter, they are cooled to 40~60 ℃ through the water tank, dried by the fan to remove the water drops on the wires, and then printed.

The system control objectives are: wire front tension, wire rear tension, extruder speed, wire diameter, point movement speed, cooling water temperature, cooling water tank level, extruder cooling water pressure, etc.

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