90(120)cable sheath line

A,Equipment Application::

This equipment can be used for loose tube punching oil gysts cable in the productionof inner and outer sheath.At the same time can also be used for parallel twin wire center tube type cable totally medium messenger aerial cable extrusion production.

B,Main technical parameters

Wire core diameter φ3.0-30(mm)
Out of outer diameter φ5.0-35(mm)
The production line speed Max 60m/min
SJ120 X 25,(screw BM) 350kg/h
Z4 motor 110kw,1500rpm
SJ90X25,(screw BM) 250kg/h
Z4 dc motor 90kw,1500rpm 1500rpm
(ADSS) No.of spinning yarn cluster:2x24 2x24
Release tension of spinning yarn cluster 3-30N±1.5N(Mitsubishi magnetic particle brake)
Tractor TQD800kg pneumatic caterpillar tractor


● Equipment configuration complete,reasonable,and the main parts adopt imported components or joint venture

Products,advanced structure,good appearance,easy to use.

● Specially configured 2 x24 aramid twister,provide production (ADSS)optical cables. It can realize multi-usage.

● Use of single column double hanging motorized,stable and reliable performance.Special φ800 Double wire tension controller storage,effectively prevent core pay-off tension in the process of instability.Damaged wire core.

● The machine adopts PLC programmable controller and industrial computer(PC)joint control,main parameters

Both in the industrial computer screen and setting,man-machine interface,be clear at a glance,easily manipulated

Power and memory and storage function,fault display,alarm,etc,can easily call

Or store production process parameters,the realization of intelligent management and operation of the production line

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