Extrusion production line of ultra high pressure 200+120 double layer sheath

A,Equipment Application::

Production line is suitable for medium and high voltage single core or multiple core power cable sheath of extruded and double layer extruded at a time.

Suitable material for PVC,PE,low smoke zero halogen,conductive PVC,and conductive PE and so on.

B,Main technical parameters

Core diameter φ55~φ160mm
Out of outer diameter φ70~φ180mm
The screw diameter φ200mm; φ120mm
Length to diameter ratio 25:1
Maximum extrusion(φ200) PVC≦1000kg/h
Maximum extrusion(φ120) PVC≦500kg/h
The production line speed 1.0-30m/min
Maximum traction ≦32000N
Steel specification φ2000~φ4200mm
The line plate specification φ2000~φ4200mm

C,Main technical parameters

From 2000 to 4200 to track walk type of active motorized 2 sets of
3200kg auxiliary tractors 1 sets of
Asphalt coating device 1 sets of
φ200 extruder 1 sets of
φ120 extruder 1 sets of
Double head and the car 2 sets of
The nose vacuum device 1 sets of
Mobile sink and hot water tank 1 sets of
Stainless steel cooling water tank 1 sets of
Cable blow dry device 1 sets of
The meter device 1 sets of
3200kg main crawler tractors 1 sets of
Graphite coating device 1 sets of
From 2000 to 4200 to track walk type active take-up 2 sets of
Spark tester 1 sets of
Electrical synchronization control system 1 sets of

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