150+90+45 composite submarine cable extrusion line

A,Equipment Application:

This machine adopts the series method,the length of the various specifications,large submarine cable insulation,sheath coated,Extrusion materials including:soft PVC,PVC,etc.

B,the production line to the requirement of working environment:

Temperature:0-45 degrees

Power supply:three-phase 380 plus or minus 10%,50 hz with neutral wire.

No impulse voltage,interference.

C,Main technical parameters

The screw diameter 150mm / 90mm / 45mm
The screw length to diameter ratio 25:1
After sheath outside diameter φ6~60mm
Maximum traction 3200kg
The production line speed >45m/min
Steel specification PN1600-PN3150
The line plate specification PN1250-PN2500 / PN2000-PN4500
Equipment center high 1000mm
Production line direction 面对机头 左放右收

D,Main technical parameters

LF1250/2500龙门地轨行走式被动放线架 1 sets of
LF2000/4500龙门地轨行走主、被动放线架 1 sets of
TQD-1250kg履带式气动牵引机(前牵引) 1 sets of
SJ-150X25 塑料挤出机 1 set
SJ-90X25 塑料挤出机 1 set
SJ-45X25 塑料挤出机 1 set
自动烘干上料装置 3套
直角护套机头 3只
4m移动温水槽+16m加温水槽+60冷却水槽 1 sets of
电缆吹干装置 1 set
TQD-1250kg 履带式气动牵引机(后牵引) 1 set
TQD-3200kg 履带式气动牵引机(后牵引备选) 1 set
LSP2000/3600龙门地轨行走式收排线架 1 sets of
电气控制、机组同步控制系统 1 sets of

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