90 +45 double double color production line

A,Equipment Application::

The unit optimal thermoplastic plastics such as PVC,PE etc,by using the hot press method to be extruded insulation or sheath wire conductor layer coated.

B,Production line direction

In the face of the nose left put right。

C,production line to the requirement of working environment:

Temperature:0-45 degrees

Power supply:three-phase 380 plus or minus 10%,50 hz with neutral wire.

D,Main technical parameters

The screw diameter φ90(mm)
The screw length to diameter ratio 25:1
Maximum extrusion 280kg/h(SPVC)
Before the sheath core diameter φ5~38mm
After the sheath of cable diameter φ8~40mm
Maximum traction 1250kg
The production line speed 80m/min(max)
Steel specification PN1000~PN2000
The line plate specification PN1000~PN2000
Equipment center high 1000mm

五、Main technical parameters

LF800/2000 gantry rail walking type of passive motorized 1 sets of
500kg pneumatic tensioning device 1 sets of
SJ-90x25 plastic extruder 1 sets of
SJ-45x25 plastic extruder 1 sets of
Automatic drying feeding device 1 sets of
φ40 co-extrusion head and vacuum device 1 only
18m stainlss steel water trough (includng 14 meters 4 meters mobile sink,cooling water tank) 1 sets of
Blow dry device 1 sets of
Mechanical meter device 1 set
Spark machine 1 sets of
Caliper gauge 1 set
TQD-1250kg crawler type pneumatic tractor traction after 1 set
LSP800/2000 gantry rail line frame 1 sets of
Production line control system 1 sets of

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