φ120+φ75×2 optical superposition type doublelayer co extrusion production line

φ120+φ75 superposition coextrusion production line,means install two individual line in center height difference 300mm at the location that each device is relatively staggered to form a superposed state.Purpose is one employee can operate two production lines at the same time,thereby improving productivity

1.Main extruder:

Two production line'main extruders adopt φ120+φ75 coextrusion type,their center height difference is 300mm,A line center height is 800mm,B line is 1100mm.During installation,keep 250mm difference front and rear direction between two cross head center,and keep 4200mm difference left and right direction between two screw center.The purpose of this installation is to ensure that twolines in the cable production do not interfere with each other.

2.Other parts

1.The production line of Centre height 800mm:Pay-off,front Caterpillar,water trough,rear Caterpillar,Take-up and other equipment,except their center height are 800mm,the others are installed in a conventional way.Production line of Center height 1100mm:the center height of each device are 1100mm,besides the extruder,other devices centerline has 3000mm difference to A production line centerline,That is,the B line is at the rear 3000mm to the A line

2.Each production line is equipped with a water trough,center height difference is 300mm.Centerline offset 250mm.Line A water trough is longer than Line B water trough,two water trough are installed side by side,two tails of water trough are alignment.

3.Production line of Center height 1100mm,there are two group of roller before enter into the cross head and out of the water trough,thereby keep two cables 3000mm difference to the other parts,easy for installation and operation.

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