45 wire extrusion production line

A,Equipment Application::

The unit is used for copper core insulation coating of middle and small section production,mainly for the soft polyvinyl chloride(PVC),polyethylene and other thermoplastics.

B,Main technical parameters

Φ2500 end of shaft motorized 0.5~2.5mm
Five rounds of tensioning device 1.5~5.0mm (The diameter tolerance)±0.01mm
The screw diameter φ45mm
The screw length to diameter ratio 28:1
Phi80 square sheathed the nose 50kg/h (PVC)
Phi 40 co-extrusion head and vacuum device φ650mm
Phi 40 co-extrusion head and vacuum device φ500~630mm
The length of the sink 8m
Equipment center high 1000mm
The power supply Three-phase 380 plus or minus 10%,50 hz with neutral wire

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